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Jim Ackroyd

Consultant Engineer

Jim originally joined Musketeer Solutions in 2008 bringing over 27 years of military service experience in aircraft engineering and management, predominantly on Tornado (GR1 and F3), C130K platforms, culminating with 6 years as a multi-trade Sentry Aircraft Ground Engineer. During his time with Musketeer he has been involved in projects on a range of aircraft including Sentry, Sentinel and Puma and brings a wealth of practical engineering experience and project management skills to the company.

Denis Adey

Consultant Engineer

Denis is an experienced engineer with over 40 years in aeronautical engineering operations and project management. An established leader with specialist teams including in Engineering Investigation and Military Airworthiness disciplines. Denis has a BSc (Hons) from the University of Hertfordshire, is an Incorporated Engineer and a Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Gary Bosworth

Specialist Engineer

Gary is an aeronautical engineer with over 45 years’ experience in the Royal Air Force and Civil Service. Before joining Musketeer, he was an in-service Engineering Authority on Typhoon for over 12 years. Gary was the Typhoon Engineering Authority for Structural Health Monitoring where he delivered an analysis project which delivered an extra 200 Flight Hours to the fleet per year. He has also held LoAA for Structures, Mechanical Systems, UMP, Fuel and Secondary Power Systems where he helped develop safety and hazard management policy and processes. His broader experience includes a range of fast-jets, helicopter and multi-engine aircraft in a number of engineering roles. He is an Incorporated Engineer.

Andrew Brewin

Consultant Engineer

Andrew has a background in server software development to support electrical testing and reporting in the automotive manufacturing environment. He provides Musketeer with software development and support.

Andy Bulmer

Specialist Engineer

Andy joined Musketeer in October 2023. An experienced aeronautical engineer with over 40 years working in the defence sector. Andy served in the RAF for 25 years working predominately on Tornado GR1, GR4 & F3 variants in Forward, Depth Maintenance and Engineering Support. He then spent 17 years in the Civilian Aerospace Industry with BAE Systems and Northrop Grumman working on Typhoon and Sentry E-3D aircraft in Depth Maintenance planning and governance, Technician Training and Engineering Support roles.

John Divers

Specialist Engineer

On completion of his Aircraft Radar Fitter RAF Apprenticeship John was employed in a variety of roles including 1st line maintenance of both fast jet and large aircraft type, 2nd line Radar and ECM Equipment Maintenance and aircraft Maintenance Schedule Revision. Following training at RAFC Cranwell he graduated as an AeroSystems Engineering Officer and completed his service career in Engineering Management and Eng Training positions.

John is a Chartered Engineer and a Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology. He was employed as an Engineer Authority on Nimrod MR2 and Nimrod R1 Mission Systems and recently held an LOAA for Sentry AEW Mk 1 Electrical Systems. John joined MSL in 2022 and is currently with the BBMF Engineering Support Team at RAF Coningsby.

Nigel Hardwick

Consultant Engineer

Nigel joined Musketeer Solutions in 2023. He served 30 years in the RAF employed on various aircraft types in multi-skilled Electrical/Avionics roles - Hercules C-130, Sentry E-3D, Tornado GR1, GR4 and F3 variants, including 6 years with the Sentry E-3D Aircraft Engineering Design Investigation Team and Sentry Project Team. After his military service, he joined Northrop Grumman, where he was as an Electrical/Avionics Support Specialist for the Sentry E-3D. He brings an extensive knowledge of practical engineering experience across a variety of engineering disciplines to the company.

Chris Jobling

Senior Consultant

Chris is a former RAF Air Battlespace Manager with an extensive background in Ground Based and Airborne Command and Control. He has served in the MOD Directorate of Equipment Capability ISTAR, a NATO Appointment at SHAPE as well as commanding the RAF School of Air Battlespace Management and the ISTAR Operations Wing at RAF Waddington. With 34 years RAF service, Chris participated in worldwide operations and training along with gaining Flight Test experience commanding the E-3D Operational Evaluation Unit and amassing some 3000 flying hours. More recently Chris enjoyed 11 years with Northrop Grumman in Business Development where he also acted as a member of the Sentry Support Programme Leadership Team at RAF Waddington.

Rab Larkin

Specialist Engineer

Rab has an extensive background in defence aircraft engineering, having served in the RAF for over 36 years and spent 5 years with BAE Systems in KSA responsible for the RSAF Typhoon off ac maintenance service. He brings experience to the team from working across a variety of platforms and environments, managing Maintenance, Compliance, Training and Service Delivery activities.

Pat McGuinness

Consultant Engineer

Pat joined Musketeer Solutions in 2016, following 37 years with the RAF, and brought with him extensive knowledge and experience of Military Air Environment engineering, training, and Quality.

Andy Pickett

Consultant Engineer

Andy has a background in defence aircraft engineering, Quality assurance management, technical instruction and military recruitment, having served in the RAF for over 36 years. He provides Musketeer with consultant engineering analysis, aircraft condition surveys and audits to Defence Agencies in support of historic aircraft and the ISTAR component.

Nigel Porter

Engineer & RCM Consultant

Nigel has a 30 year background in airframe/propulsion engineering maintenance and aircraft management with the RAF, followed by engineering consultancy since 2012. He provides Musketeer with Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) analysis & management and aircraft maintenance consultancy.

Tim Rand

Senior Consultant

As an aeronautical and systems engineer, Tim completed over 39 years’ in the RAF accumulating his most recent experiences as the Engineering Authority for Tornado GR4 and Deputy Chief Engineer for Hercules C-130J fleets in Defence Equipment and Support.

He has held Airworthiness ‘decider’ status for both aircraft types across all systems in support of the platform’s Type Airworthiness Authority. Prior to this, he was the Continuing Airworthiness Manager for c100 Tornado GR4 aircraft managing, advising and assuring the Operating Duty Holder on all Continuing Airworthiness matters.

With extensive experience and success in lead roles across the operational and delivery domains providing Continuing and Type Airworthiness expertise, Tim is a specialist practitioner in Air System and Air Safety management with a deep understanding of the MAA’s Regulated Community and requirements.

He is a Chartered Engineer with the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Phil Ruttle

Consultant Engineer

Phil served for 22 years in the Royal Air Force as an Aircraft Engineering Manager specialising in aircraft structures, mechanical systems and propulsion systems. His RAF career was varied, providing him with experience in type airworthiness, continuing airworthiness management, aircraft maintenance and specialist non-destructive testing methods.

After leaving the military Phil moved into the private sector as a Chief Engineer. In this role he led and managed the engineering activities, from conceptual design through to client handover, for large Mega Electrolyser Platform projects that created hydrogen from water through electrolysis.

Phil has a BSc (Hons) in Non-Destructive Testing, an MSc in Military Aerospace and Airworthiness from Cranfield University, is a Chartered Engineer and a Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

David Selby

H&S Lead & RCM Consultant

David has a background in avionic engineering maintenance and management, having served in the RAF for over 30 years followed by engineering consultancy since 2014. He provides Musketeer primarily with Health and Safety guidance, in support of the company's activities, but also Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) analysis and management of aircraft recorded data for airworthiness support to defence aviation.

Steph Simpson

Senior Consultant

Steph is an aerosystems engineer with over 20 years’ experience in the Royal Air Force, with a typically broad career embracing bomb disposal duties, training aircraft, several fast jet aircraft and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. Following her career with the RAF, Steph worked as a consultant providing advice and support across multiple projects related to aircraft maintenance, airworthiness and safety.

A graduate of Cranfield University with an MSc from Bristol University and an MA from Kings College London, Steph is a Chartered Engineer and Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Gary Southcott

Consultant Engineer

Gary is a former RAF aircrew person specialising in airborne surveillance systems who crossed over to systems engineering. As commander of a Remotely Piloted Air Systems Unit, he won awards for operational leadership and MoD Chief Scientific Advisor award for development of autonomous systems and payload. Key appointments were command of the DSTL Sentry Flight Test Organisation and MoD Main Building Directorate of Equipment Capability. Gary was the Release to Service Authority for the BBMF and Sentinel. His last appointment within Defence Equipment and Support was Safety Manager of Remotely Piloted Air Systems from 4Kg to Protector. A former Sentry Mission Systems Engineering Authority, he is a graduate of the General Duties Aerosystems Course. Gary holds an MSc in Technology from Kingston University is a Chartered Engineer and Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology

Al Thompson

Senior Consultant

Al is an MBA qualified aeronautical engineer with over 45 years of experience within the Royal Air Force and Civilian Aerospace Industry. After 35 years in the Royal Air Force, prior to joining Musketeer, he had spent 10 years at Marshall Aerospace predominately as the Deputy Programme Director for the Hercules Integrated Operational Support programme providing long-term support for the RAF C-130 fleet. Then as the Senior Customer Service Manager managed all Marshall Aerospace UK & International aircraft customers with regards to Hercules Depth Maintenance input planning and external communications.

His military career was predominately involved with Forward & Depth maintenance and Support Authority activities on various fast-jet aircraft though he has been a senior leader in the Defence Equipment & Support Airworthiness Teams.

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