Musketeer Solutions Ltd’s company mission is to strive to operate in a sustainable manner whilst considering the needs of our stakeholders, of the wider community and of the environment, according to the requirements of Section 172 of the UK Companies Act (2006).

Musketeer’s activities are underpinned by our firmly held core values of honest endeavours, teamwork, appropriate transparency, integrity, fairness, kindness and valuing people and places.

Musketeer’s company structure has, since its inception in 2005, involved a board of Directors and Principals who are committed to carrying out activities in accordance with UK legal requirements as well as with our own comprehensive Integrated Management System (IMS). Regular internal strategic and tactical meetings are held to manage all aspects of Musketeer’s risks and opportunities.

As a small company we always aim to act within the spirit of legislation and charters such as The United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), The Modern Slavery Act (2015) and the Conventions and Recommendations of the International Labour Organisation.

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ISO 14001 UKAS Management

At Musketeer we strive to enhance the services we can offer to our clients whilst ensuring that we operate as efficiently as possible. To comply with the International Organisation for Standardisation, utilising the Company's IMS, which is accredited to ISO 9001:2015, Musketeer endeavours to:

  • achieve excellence via continuous improvements,
  • meet all customer requirements, and
  • exceed customer expectations at every opportunity.

We take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and Musketeer aims to act in an environmentally friendly manner. By achieving ISO 14001:2015 accreditation we are demonstrating our commitment to:

  • protect the environment,
  • improve the environmental aspects of the IMS, and
  • enhance our responsible planning and management of resources at every opportunity.

ISO 9001:2015

Download Certificate here


Download Certificate here


Musketeer operates in an ethical way in our dealings, both internally and externally. Honesty, fairness and respect are paramount to Musketeer's activities and company ethos. This approach involves:

  • high standards of personal and company integrity, and
  • not compromising our reputation for short-term gain.

At Musketeer we are used to dealing with classified information in a discrete and appropriate manner. We use this approach for all sensitive and personal information we have in our possession. Musketeer regularly assesses its security and privacy protocols to the current requirements of:

  • CyberEssentials Plus compliance, for secure IT activities, and
  • working towards IASME Governance Self-Assessment,

At Musketeer Solutions we are always striving to ensure that we are conducting ourselves appropriately in line with GDPR. If you would like to view our current Privacy Statement, Cyber Essentials Certification or Cyber Essentials Plus Certification then please click on the links.

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Musketeer is aware that operating our business contributes to global carbon emissions and we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint through measurable actions, including efficiencies, re-cycling and reductions in activity.

The majority of our carbon emissions are derived from fuel and electricity usage and from consumable products. In pursuit of reduced consumption, and wherever possible, Musketeer seeks to:

  • avoid unnecessary travel,
  • use the most efficient methods of transportation,
  • share car journeys,
  • utilise the Government sponsored Cyclescheme to encourage use of green transport to work,
  • minimise the consumption of paper products, and
  • recycle materials through ethical and licensed disposal organisations.

Recent Covid-19 strictures have enabled Musketeer to test the efficacy of virtual meetings and it is hoped that, in future, many more of our meetings may be conducted in this way to benefit the environment.

We have an annual target of reducing our carbon emissions by 5% and of taking steps to offset our carbon footprint wherever possible.

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Musketeer Solutions has always been committed to the support and employment of veterans from the Armed Forces and is proud to be a member of the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS). The Defence ERS government scheme encourages businesses to advocate their support for the Defence community and inspire others to do the same.

The scheme encompasses bronze, silver, and gold awards for employer organisations that pledge, demonstrate or advocate support to defence and the armed forces community, and align their values with the Armed Forces Covenant. Having been awarded the Silver award, Musketeer Solutions has pledged its continued support to the armed forces. We have signed the Armed Forces Covenant and will continue to demonstrate and promote our armed forces-friendly policies and remain open to and encourage the employment of reservists, armed forces veterans, cadet instructors and military spouses/partners.

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