Advanced Safety Management

Musketeer Solutions’ consultants are all experienced practitioners in aviation safety management including hazard identification and risk management, the development of complex Safety Cases and implementation of effective safety management systems.

Working in collaboration ASPECT® Safety Performance Consulting Ltd, Musketeer is able to offer a fresh approach to conventional thinking on safety management that is applicable to any high-risk activity.

Our approach turns conventional Safety Management on its head by:

  • Treating Leadership & Safety Culture as key.
  • Ensuring that people are at the heart of safety performance.
  • Avoiding the slavish adherence to mindless data-driven KPIs and targets, which drive the wrong behaviour.


We help you to assess the maturity and effectiveness of your SMS using ‘PSOA’.


Evidence that suitable measures of effectiveness are clearly visible and documented within the organisation’s SMS


The SMS is suitable based on size, nature, complexity of the organisation and inherent risks in activity.


Evidence that the SMS is in use and an output is being produced and that there is evidence of continuous improvement.


Evidence that the SMS is effective and achieving the desired outcome.

We help you to ask the right questions, measure the right things and avoid falling in to ‘The ICE Trap’


Identifying everything that is easy to measure and count.


Collecting and slavishly reporting data on everything measured and counted.


End up scratching your head thinking, ‘What on earth are we going to do with all this data?’

We believe in 4 basic principles that underpin an effective SMS and we will help you to apply these successfully; these are encapsulated in the acronym,‘LIPS’.


Principle of Leadership: there must be strong leadership from the very top, demanding and demonstrating by example active and constant commitment to safety and risk management as overriding priorities


Principle of Independence: there must be thorough independence throughout the regulatory regime, in particular in the setting of safety and risk policy, regulation, auditing and enforcement


Principle of People: there must be much greater focus on people in the delivery of high standards of safety and airworthiness (and not just on process and paper).


Principle of Simplicity: regulatory structures, processes and rules must be as simple and straightforward as possible so that everyone can understand them


Our aim is to enable business leaders to engage the whole organisation in the task of managing operations safely, so that safety risks are kept to an acceptable level and safe operations become the norm.


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