New Year, New Benefits for Musketeers

Musketeer Solutions is pleased to announce the introduction of Electric Vehicles (EVs) as a new employee benefit. In a move towards greater sustainability we are delighted to offer EV salary sacrifice as part of our remuneration package.

Musketeer's newest employee benefit
Electric Vehicle salary sacrifice benefits not just the employee but also the environment

The introduction of EVs should benefit both the environment and the employees themselves. From an environmental perspective, EVs are renowned for their eco-friendly credentials, contributing significantly to the reduction of air pollution through zero emissions.

On the individual level, employees opting for the EV benefit can make significant financial savings. With reduced tax, fuel and maintenance costs compared to traditional vehicles, the salary sacrifice program enables employees to lower their overall vehicle running costs.

Musketeer Solutions were delighted to sign-up to Loveelectric’s EV salary sacrifice scheme with the first of the vehicles delivered earlier this month. The overall process was easy and quick to complete and we are delighted to see the first car, a Tesla Model Y, out on the open road.

Mark Hodge, Director of Musketeer Solutions, shared his support for the new initiative, stating:

‘As an ISO 14001 approved company we’re always looking at ways to improve our environmental performance. EV Salary Sacrifice seems like a natural progression from the Cycle to Work Scheme, which we’ve supported for many years. The Tax benefits of EV Salary Sacrifice are significant, so it helps the environment and saves money for Musketeers, a definite win-win that is already a hit with the team.’

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