Musketeer Solutions reflects on the departure of E3-D Sentry Aircraft to Chile

Musketeer Solutions reflects on the departure of E3-D Sentry Aircraft to Chile

Musketeer Solutions has been committed to technical support of the E3-D Sentry for over a decade. It is therefore with mixed emotions that we commemorate the end of the Whole Life Support Contract on 30 June 2022 and the departure of the first of two E3-D Sentry aircraft to Chile on 25 July. Musketeer began working on Sentry in 2008, when we undertook an Ageing Aircraft Audit amassing a detailed understanding of the platform and its engineering support. This stood us in good stead as we worked with DSTL, to create an Ageing Aircraft Programme Laboratory using Sentry ZH105 which had been retired in 2009. We later repurposed the laboratory as a trainer for Sentry aircrew, known as the WEST, recreating an authentic Mission Compartment for emergency drills. It was during this period that Musketeer employees noted the presence of flammable insulation blankets on Sentry, leading to extensive mitigation action. Since 2018, Musketeer has been working with Northrop Grumman in a number of areas aimed at reducing aircraft downtime and improving the standard of Sentry technical documentation. Musketeers have become fond of the Sentry over the years and it is with regret that we bid farewell to the aircraft after over 30 years of service.

Mark Hodge, Director at Musketeer Solutions commented:

‘As a former Chief Air Engineer and Type Airworthiness Authority for Sentry I am sad to see its early demise. I know only too well how Musketeer Solutions worked seamlessly with DE&S, the Prime Contractor and the RAF, to make a real contribution to safety, efficiency and availability of the platform, improvements which have endured until this day. I hope that the remaining 2 aircraft will give long and faithful service to the Chilean Air Force and wish all those involved in Sentry over the years continued success.’
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