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Employees in the Spotlight: Steve Welburn

A new year is an opportunity to make resolutions and reinvent how we see ourselves. At Musketeer we would like to take this chance to allow our friends, both new and old, to see the people who make us tick and to get to know them. As such, we would like to introduce our new Spotlight series, focusing on vital personnel who work at Musketeer whether they work in Admin, Engineering or as our team of Principals and Directors. This is our opportunity to put ourselves out there and to let you all get to know us better.

Steve, what is your role at Musketeer?

I’m the Principal Consultant at Musketeer Solutions, having joined in 2015, although I have been associated with Musketeer since 2012. As a Principal Consultant I am required to lead on providing technical solutions for customers, mainly at the implementation stage but also at the proposal stage. I do this whilst attending meetings regarding Musketeer’s future strategies, working with other Principals and Directors.

Why work at Musketeer?

Having enjoyed a 30-year stretch in the Royal Air Force, continuing to work at Musketeer in the Defence Sector was a natural continuation of my career in aircraft engineering, but now providing technical support from the industry side back to the military. Musketeer enables me to be technically innovative and provide novel solutions to complex engineering problems. The company largely consists of ex-service personnel so our collective understanding of the Defence environment is vast.

What do you enjoy about working at Musketeer?

I enjoy the combination of interesting and challenging projects working alongside a great bunch of dedicated, like-minded people, who really care about providing the best possible service to our military forces.

How would you like your colleagues to describe you?

I suppose as a valuable team member who can not only deliver on tasks, but (at my great age!) also provide some wise counsel to those younger colleagues in their 40’s & 50’s!

What contracts are you currently working on?

As my engineering background is in aircraft structures, most of my work is associated with the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and ensuring that their flight data monitoring programmes run smoothly. However, there are some new projects on the horizon which will mean switching from the oldest aircraft in the RAF to some that have yet to be built!
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What does the future look like for Musketeer?

The future looks exceptionally promising as the range of skills within the diverse Musketeer team are highly valued in defence engineering. There is a widespread shortage of experienced aircraft engineers and therefore Musketeer is well placed, as an SME, to offer our people and expertise to defence organisations, both military and civilian, to fill capability gaps. Musketeer has a key advantage in its flexibility to respond quickly to customer requirements, which is always appreciated by our clients. Over the years Musketeer has experienced strong and steady growth and I would anticipate this to continue long into the future.

How have you coped working for the company throughout the Coronavirus?

As the majority of our work can be completed remotely, working-from-home was not a problem during the pandemic, but I look forward to spending a bit more time in the office as its much easier to have creative sessions when you’re all in the same room. I’m a great believer in the synergy that comes from working in collaboration with my colleagues.

What do you enjoy doing outside of the business?

My outside interests include playing tennis and golf. I’m Chairman of my local tennis club and committee work takes up quite a lot of my spare time, but the Club is thriving in the post-pandemic era as many more people are playing tennis.

If you didn’t work at Musketeer or in aviation, what would you most likely be doing?

As a youngster, I had an opportunity to follow a career as a professional footballer, but I chose to accept a commission in the RAF instead! However, my alternative career would probably have been in the legal profession.

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