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Change to the Management Structure at Musketeer

Last year, Musketeer announced the appointment of Mark Hodge, Donna Wilkins and Scott Wray as Directors of the company. Now that the they have settled in and as the company continues to grow, Annie and Adrian Parrish have transitioned to become Non-Executive Directors of the company effective 1 June 2022. Annie and Adrian will continue to work for the company supporting the new management team and helping guide the strategic direction of the company.

Annie Parrish said:

The transition to becoming a Non-Executive Director involves a number of planned, gradual changes, both to my lifestyle and to the company. The most important factor I’d like to stress is that to have made such a decision signifies the trust and confidence that Adrian and I have in the new management team, as well as in the Musketeers as a whole.”
“For the company there is a change of emphasis in that the new team increases its executive control and decision making both in the strategic and day-to-day running of the business. Adrian and I remain here to advise and assist, where necessary as we both consider continuity to be an important part of planned organisational change. In practice this means, as company owners, we shall continue to work within niche areas of the company where we feel we can be most useful. We hope that this gives the new team room for innovation and for maintaining and developing a sustainable way forward for Musketeer Solutions.”

Adrian Parrish said:

"We believe that Donna, Mark and Scott are absolutely the right management team to take Musketeer forward. In our new roles, we will continue to support the outstanding staff of the company and we will help to grow our services and products into the future."

On behalf of the team of Directors, Donna Wilkins said:

Musketeer has established a very strong and cohesive management team over the last year built upon the knowledge and experience of both existing and new members. We have been in a very fortunate position of being able to shape the handover of the business collectively and progressively as one team. The transition marks an exciting new chapter for Musketeer Solutions. The solid foundations upon which Annie and Adrian have created the company, along with their continued support as NEDs, will help us ensure that Musketeer Solutions continues to flourish."

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