An innovative, flexible and cost-effective solution for the management of damage and repairs

PORTHOS is a Musketeer innovation developed from our successful aerospace structural integrity management application, ARAMIS.

PORTHOS utilises a customer-defined graphical user interface which can be based on detailed technical or architects' drawings or standard digital photographs. The visual representation enables the user to record positional information of damage, repairs or other events that are user defined. Detailed records, related to each event are stored in a powerful database that hosts multiple data formats allowing the customer to monitor degradation, plan recovery actions and prioritise intervention opportunities for repairs and inspections.

PORTHOS is based on Microsoft application software and accepts data in the formats of .doc .docx .xls .xlsx .pdf .eml .jpg .gif .tif.


Enhances safety through the accurate recording and management of all damage and repairs in an easy to access and interrogate user-defined database
Provides an accurate, auditable record of damage, repairs and interventions over time
Supports key decisions on allocation of resources to structural sustainment to be made
Musketeers service would include a support package. This package can be tailored to the customer’s needs but, as a minimum, would include the provision of an IT Service Desk, on-site support and a dedicated Account Manager.
Musketeer | PORTHOS

PORTHOS is highly flexible and can be tailored to meet almost any requirement based on customer provided reference data.

We believe it has utility in numerous civil and mechanical engineering applications and anyone who has a need to capture, visually represent and record information about damage and repairs to aid decision making should consider PORTHOS.

PORTHOS is available as a Windows or Web-based Application and can be used to track the inter-relationship between adjacent damage and repairs and to record preliminary or more detailed repair actions and costs. PORTHOS is a powerful enabler for decision makers in an unlimited range of potential industry applications.

It is a configurable and scalable product for bespoke applications and is backed by IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) based services.

Our key message is that PORTHOS captures data to create knowledge in a useable format and offers a powerful visual tool to improve structural decision-making across many civil and mechanical engineering structures.


Musketeer offers an PORTHOS Support Package which is scalable to user requirements but, as a minimum, provides:

IT Service Desk Monday-Friday (normal working days) nominally 0900-1700 hrs (UK) but can be tailored to meet customer needs. Target is an initial response within an hour.

Technical phone support availability (0900 to 1700 hrs (UK), Mon to Fri, normal working days).

Training can be delivered worldwide as required.

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