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Founded in 2005 by Annie and Adrian Parrish, Musketeer Solutions Ltd has become a respected name in the aerospace industry. Early endeavours included supporting prime aerospace providers, such as Northrop Grumman and Boeing with their work on major Royal Air Force (RAF) platforms, and work on decommissioning the RAF Nimrod fleet in 2010-2011.


Developing Ageing Aircraft Audits for a variety of aircraft

Musketeer has members of staff who are active members of the MoD’s Ageing Aircraft Programme Working Group (AAPWG), the Systems Advisory Airworthiness Group (SAAG) and the Military Aircraft Structural Airworthiness Advisory Group (MASAAG). They have co-authored papers which have led to changes in regulation and improvements in regulatory guidance material, including EWIS and fibre optic regulation. Musketeer has written and presented technical papers at international, national, DE&S and NATO conferences on ageing aircraft issues.

Research and development work for Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL)

Utilising its own R&D funding and working within a multi-year Defence Scientific and Technical Laboratory R&D programme, Musketeer has developed novel solutions to complex technical problems, including developing the Ageing Aircraft Laboratory Programmes for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters using redundant aircraft, and the Waddington Emergencies Synthetic Trainer.
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The number of employees has steadily grown over the years, as has their experience and knowledge of the industry. Musketeer’s ethos of enabling teamwork within the company and of working collaboratively with other businesses to achieve customer focused solutions to problems is grounded in its core values, particularly in valuing all stakeholders.

The key skills of Musketeer are rooted in the company’s outstanding staff and our expertise includes aircraft maintenance optimisation and sustainment activities, including Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM), aircraft ageing issues, aircraft surveying, regulatory compliance and aircraft disposal.

Our Principal Consultants have all held positions of significant responsibility and accountability as RAF Chief Air Engineers, Type Airworthiness Authorities and DE&S Team Leaders. Musketeer's Engineer Consultants are all experienced ex-SNCOs and Warrant Officers; they bring hands-on practitioner experience to bear for all tasks. Musketeer has forged strong links with DE&S Delivery Teams (DTs), prime contractors and regulators. The company’s support staff have all developed their skills and experience from their previous work in blue-chip industries, academia or in the MOD, bringing a wealth of diverse knowledge.

Musketeer’s belief in sustainable development is underpinned by its ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations. Over the years, the company has been recognised by the MoD for its outstanding contributions to excellence and innovation by a Minister for Defence Procurement Acquisition Award for supporting the Sentinel Configuration Management Review in 2013 and a Chief Scientific Adviser’s Certificate of Commendation in 2015 for innovative research into ageing aircraft.

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